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Same procedure as every year – here comes Eckendenkers little review. This time it’s not about the things that happened in the world. This time it’s only about the Eckendenker and the strange guy behind the screen. Somehow very personal. Because I want to say thank you to some people out there.

It has been a great year. Especially due to the fact, that I considered to close down the whole blog in january and now probably am one of the happiest bloggers in germany!

Not because of making a shitload of money with my page – I am not making money with it at all – it is because I have been bitten by the „bee of creativity“.

„Why did you think of closing down the blog?“, some of you might ask now. The answer is: I simply didn’t like it anymore. It was getting hard to write and I had trouble, finding the right words for my thoughts. Attitudes change and I couldn’t stand my blabla anymore. The articles were way to superficial and often didn’t express what I actually wanted to say.

But then, almost by accident, a person stepped in to my life, who helped me quite easily to get rid of that blockade. It is always amazing, how easy it can be for others, to show where your problems are based. Even though you know yourself pretty good. However – to me things changed in a very special way and so this blogger turned out to become officially religious and a buddhist. Shortly after that I even decided to go veggie. Might sound strange – but it helped me so much to straighten my thinking.

As a side effect it gave me the power and the motivation to finally give the blog some structure and a concept. I kinda like a lack of concept, but the longer you live and write like that, the more difficult it is, to keep going. As a concequense my way of writing changed just like the topics I write about.

They had been pretty personal, but I started seeing things from a different point of view and my attitude turned out to be softer than before.

To be honest, I also straightened out a very important private problem, but this is not the moment, to tell you about it in detail.

Well, this is about the first three months of 2013 and I first of all I want to thank Rabten for his wisdom and open mind. Without him, Eckendenker would be history by now.

So, what do you do, if you don’t have any concept? Right, you check out the scene and have a look for other blogs, you talk to other bloggers and make up your own decision about what you want or not.

Since I really like to do things all by myself – my  motto so far had been „I don’t like humans“ – that was a tough job. A lot of bloggers started getting on my nerves in no time. That is a special thing with my kind of personality. I get bored very easily and a I am simply not interessted in sooo many topics (this by the way is something I absolutly don’t like about me, myself and I).

But: some blogs I kept following – and it was not only the blog that I was interessted in but also the blogger behind.

There are four blogs today, that I really enjoy reading. And even though, I know the persons behind them only via internet – I respect them a lot.

Therefore a big thank you to:

Viktor –

Olena Seregina –

Sven –

Marco –

All those blogs are really great and the people behind them are persons who have visions they share with this world – at least I feel that.

By now there are some more blogs I follow, but more about that later.

In that situation I ran into run mizumushi-kun and that little extraterrestrial fascinated me from the very first moment. So I tried to get in contact with the woman who created him. It didn’t take long and I interviewed her for the first time. After that, my decision was made: „This little guy needs to take over germany.“ And so he is. Right now I don’t have enough time to put more energy in that project, but that will change soon.

The special about mizumushi-kun is, that he helps us to get a different point of view to the things that happen to us every day. This way I get to see things through totally different eyes, which I enjoy a lot.

Manami, who created mizumushi-kun, didn’t only infect me with her creativity, she and her project, helped me, to work on a new concept for Eckendenker.

Therefore a big thank you to Manami Sakata for run mizumushi-kun and the new world I was able to discover.

Thanks to run mizumushi-kun, I also met Chika Hitujiya. He is also an artist. We rarely talk to each other, but if we do, it is always very deep and interessting. He made me think over a lot of things, it is one of his special talents. And it helped me a lot with the chaos in my head.

Thank you Chika – I am sure we will have a lot more to discuss about different music scenes.

But it have not only been artists and bloggers who gave that certain kick to my brain.
I wanted to meet new people. Not germans – I know enough of them. No, I wanted to see the bigger picture. I wanted to see how other people in other countrys live. I wanted to see if the picture, we get through media, is real.

By that time I got rid of my TV btw.. Can’t remember the exact date, but it was sometime during the first three months of the year. Life is so much more relaxed whithout it!

Seek and you shall find – and so I found Laleh from Iran. We write frequently and her mails bring so much pleasure to my life. Just like Han Dong Jing from Korea (I hope my packge arrives soon btw.), even though we don’t write that much, it is always very inspiring and interessting. Same with Hae-Jung Han, we haven’t been writing for too long, but it is always fun.

Those three make me think a lot. Not only because I get to learn more about different cultures, but also I get to understand the different facetts of people and cultures.

So: Thank you to Laleh, Han Dong and Hae-Jung. Thank you for the writing, I am glad to know you.

Same is for Axel. He got in contact with me some time in summer and asked for help with his blogdesign. We talked a lot and his idea was really fascinating. Axel packed his bags and went for a trip to the sunny places of the world. By now he is one of my guest-authors and helped me a lot, with the tuning of the new Eckendenker-concept.

Last but not least, the blogger-group started. First at g+, where you find a lot of bloggers, who really help each other. But I also found something I hadn’t seen or missed so far: vaunt!

I found out, that a lot of bloggers only write for google. I knew about the mechanism, but didn’t consider it to be important. Well, there are so many (so called) SEO-experts and way too many bloggers who don’t write about anything else, because they want to make money so badly.

On top of that, there is so much uninteressting stuff, that gets so much attention – a fact that really made me wanna bite my table. Sure, there were others in that group. But the ones who acted like that, were the loudest. I had to leave that group, cause I couldn’t stand it.

Marginal note: thanks to that group and one certain blogger a shoe cabinet turned out to be a running gag now …

Some of those blogs I still read though. Luckily they were not all like that.

Then finally something happened, which makes me very happy. I met Heike from First she needed some help with her blog, then we found out, that we live in the same city and so we met for real. The blog is still one of our important topics. But I really, really appreciate Heike as a person. Even though, I am not always able to cope with our discussions the way I would want to, I really listen to what she is saying. Being slightly overextended with her is because she is the first person in a long time, who meets me on an eye to eye level, with fascinationg thoughts and a really infecting easy way of life. This is something I am absolutly not used to and I have to admit, that my way of saying things sometimes can easily be misunderstood. But Heike forces me to think about things and myself and so I really get the chance to grow.

I also asked her to join my server-group, but more about that a little further.

First I really want to thank you Heike for pushing me exactly the direction I needed.

Now about the server-group. I have been working with two blogs for quite some times. and On top of that, there is Janna, who has great ideas, which she hopefully soon will publish in her own blog. This group we used as a forum for all of us to write down our ideas and for the others to tell me, what they needed me to do.

After Heike joined the group, it really gathered pace and the small group turned out to be a – well – small group, where everybody helps each other with exactly what he or she is best at.

But it’s not only about new ideas, I also met people in this group, who really gave me a lot to think about. So my brain started working even more. I have to admit, that my social behaviour is not exactly olympic style and I have difficulties being around people. I don’t know why. But it’s so great to be in contact with this fascinating group. The creativity and the energy, they put in their blogs, is really impressing.

Therefore I want to say thank you to:

Tina Barheine – – for all those funny talks and your soul-support

Christine Finke – for all her whishes, that helped me discover new ways with technical matters

Rüdiger Mengkowski – for the colour in my design-ideas and for stopping me, if I go wild with those ideas

Marco Hitschler – – for analysing my blog and all those hillarious discussion (impressing, that we could stop each other from violence – that far)

Nicole Stroschein – for her extremly infecting enthusiasm and the final link to my new concept

Janna Stoink – soon with her own blog. We don’t talk often, but if we do, I really appreciate those talks. I have rarely ever met such a nice person

Axel Ringwaldt – for all those interessting impressions. Even though, you don’t know about it, your trip gave me the first hint of where to go with Eckendenker

Well, this is how things can turn out, if you let it happen. I have always tried to mind my own business and never wanted to be part of a blog-group. But this group I wouldn’t wanna miss again.

Now the concept is here, the blog is on a good way and I got so many great impressions this last year. It has been a great one. And while writing this, I realize how much all those people helped me to find my way.

This is great and it also helped me to see things from a different point of view.

Eckendenkers focus has changed a lot, even though, I didn’t notice at first. It is now a lot about everyday people and this is how I want it to be. Maybe a little more straight with a lot of new ideas and impressions, that I collected over the last 12 months.

Finally I need to thank Mayumi Sakurai, even though we hardly talk to each other. But it is so fascinating to see your enthusiasm with music. It made me finally get back to music as well. All those who have known me for a while, know, that I lost it over the years.

I know, this is all very personal, but I really think, we should say thank you to the ones that help us – knowing about it or by accident. It has been a great year and I am looking forward to 2014 with it’s impressions, ideas and discussions. I probably forgot some of you, please forgive me.

Dear friends and followers: Have a great new year. I wish you all the best and hope you will be as successful and happy as you deserve. May all your wishes come true.

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