Miz Exploring Kyoto : Around Yasaka-no-To/Houkan-Ji

Yasaka-no-To(Houkan-Ji)/Tower of Yasaka (八坂の塔/法観寺) is located in the south of Kodai-Ji,that building is from 592. And Shotoku Taishi(聖徳太子) is told as the founder of that. Because of fire, the tower was built again in 1440(2nd time to rebuild by Ashikaga Yoshinori(足利義教)). If you walk around here, you can find good shop to eat and enjoy to stroll because this area is also very traditional. If it is opened, the tower of inside can be seen(Need ticket : ¥500/per one adult). The next time, I’ll visit.

easy to find from road


Yasaka no To


Around Yasaka no To


Around Yasaka no To




Tofu Manju! Elegant Manju! Yum #tofu #mizumushikun #tofumanju #manju #japan #kyoto #yummy

Okutan is the restaurant of Tofu dishes. The next to the main building of it, you can buy Tofu-Manju.

Tofu Manju includes Okara(Soya pulp) and some vegetables, the taste of dashi is good !