Miz Exploring Kyoto : Autumn Colours at Nanzen-Ji Temple & Brightful Omuraisu at “Grill Kodakara”

Autumn colours coming Kyoto and many people visit Kyoto to see that. And some places which are famous about the beautiful place to watch autumn colours are very crowded!
Nanzen-ji/南禅寺 is also included the place to watch in autumn, many maple trees in the precinct.
Nanzeb-ji is the highest rank temple of the Zen temples in Japan. It is along the mountain, people can go the heart of mountain and find Takigyo/滝行 (Waterfall Training) place. The area is so calm and very relaxable with beautiful nature.

maple trees

The mountain side of Nanzen-ji
Takigyo/滝行 area

I love autumn



Kyoto Foodie


Grill Kodakara/グリル小宝


“Grill Kodakara” is the Yoshoku(Japanese Western style) restaurant in Okazaki, Kyoto, and opens from 1961 !
The one of the best recommended menu is “Omuraisu/オムライス”. The Demi-glace sauce has very rich taste and of course the inside of omuraisu, the Chicken-rice is so good!