Miz Exploring Kyoto : Gion-matsuri of Yamaboko & Sold one day of Gion-Matsuri sweets, Gyoja-mochi

Gion Matsuri/祇園祭 is one of the biggest festivals in Japan, and held during July by Yasaka Shrine. I means that is held one month.(The custom was come back last year, it was shorter than one month.) On July 17th and 24th, Yamaboko-junko/山鉾巡行(Decorated floats parade),which is one of main events of Gion-Matsuri, is done.
Yamaboko/山鉾 is Float that decorated the treasures of merchants of town.
Twenty-three of Yamaboko float on Sakimatsuri/前祭 (July 17th) and another Ten do on Atomatsuri/後祭(July 24th). Before Yamaboko-junko, there’re Yoiyoiyama/宵々山(Night of The day before yesterday) & Yoiyama/宵山(Night of The day before), Shijo-Dori become pedestrian district. Street stalls on this street and many people come and enjoy this,too.

At Yoiyama
Climb on Naginatahoko/長刀鉾
On Naginatahoko/長刀鉾

Before Yamaboko-junko, people can visit club of town of each Yamaboko , see treasures.

during yamaboko-junko

Kyoto Foodie

・柏家光貞/Kashiwaya Mitsusada


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This mochi produces only one day on Yoiyama. The maker did training of Yamabushi/山伏 before making this sweets to pray. The dough is chewy & soft. The inside, chewy mochi in that and sweet white miso paste and Japanese pepper in there. Holy taste!