Miz Exploring Kyoto : Hanatoro 2015 & Gion Tea Ceremony with Maiko-san

From March 6th to 15th, Hanatoro/花灯路 2015 was held. Some shrines and temples were opened at night for that,and Touro(lamp) Lighted the road around the part of Higashiyama. The event began from 2003, people can stroll from Kiyomizu to Shoren-in(South to North). A lot of people visited! During Hanatoro, Gion Tea Ceremony was held at March 7th and 8th. Maiko-San served us Macha and Wagashi/和菓子(Japanese sweets) if people correct stamps before these two days to shop at Shijo-Dori stores(Gion) or pay ¥1000 at Yasaka-Shrine or Maruyama-Park.

Hanatoro 2015


Hanatoro/花灯路 2015 !  There were a lot of lights on the road in Higashiyama area. Temples and shrines were light up. Shot at Ishibeu Koji/石塀小路 #mizumushikun #kyoto #hanatoro #light #lightup #night #Japan #japanese #art #landscape #alien #shot #traditional
At Ishibei-Koji/石塀小路


Hanatoro 2015 : 1


Hanatoro 2015 : 8
Around nene-no-michi

At 7 pm and 8pm, Kitsun-no-Yomeiri/狐の嫁入り(Marriage of Fox) was held during Hanatoro!




Hanatouro 2015 : 2
Around Nene-no-Michi


Hanatoro 2015 : 3


Hanatoro 2015 : 4


Hanatoro 2015 : 5
Otani Sobyo


Hanatoro 2015 :6


Hanatoro 2015 : 7
you can see many Ikebana
Hanatoro 2015 : 9

Kyoto Foodie



Matcha and Wagashi
Matcha and Wagashi

This Wagashi is made by Kagizen-Yoshifusa/鍵善良房,that is good Wagashi store, well known as Kuzukiri/葛切り. ( I’ll try it!)

With Maiko-san!