Miz Exploring Kyoto : Happy New Year 2016 & Hatsumoude at Toyokuni Shrine

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! I hope you’ll have the great time for New Year..
From last year, still keep running now!

On January 1st, it’s Gantan/元旦 in Japan, which is the holiday of New Year, I visited to Toyokuni Shrine/豊国神社 for Hatsumoude/初詣 (praying for „fortune“ of this year).

Normally it isn’t allowed to get into The gate (Karamon) and visit Honden, but for hatsumoude, we can enter inside of the gate and pray!

After visiting Toyokuni Shrine, we found the tomb of Toyotomi Hideyoshi/豊臣秀吉,who was the Shogun in Aduchi-Momoyama period,  around here, it’s on the top of the mountain!
There are almost 500 upstairs to climb!

You’ll see the great view of Kyoto city from the top!

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Happy New Year!

Hatsumoude of Toyokuni-Shrine

Toyotomi’s Tomb of Tori-i/鳥居(The sign of holy place)

Toyokuni-Byo(Toyotomi’s tomb) the entrance