Miz Exploring Kyoto : Having Kamal’s curry & The centre of Kyoto, Rokkaku-do

Rokkaku-do is the temple which is located at the centre of Kyoto from ancient. Now it is surrounded by business buildings, used as the relaxable place in here. The space isn’t big, but good for rest.
Rokkaku-do is also the place which begins Ikebana/生花. The origin was to put flowers on Buddha. From the story of the founder of Rokkaku-do, Shotoku Taishi /聖徳太子 bathed in the pound in Rokkaku-do, the school of flower was names as Ike-no-bo/池坊. Ike-no-bo is the oldest and biggest school of flower in Japan.

the entrance
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„Spicy Beef Curry & Vegetable curry“

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