Miz Exploring Kyoto : Higashi Hongan-ji Temple & Natural doughnuts shop „Hitsuji“

Near from Kyoto station, maybe just walking in 3~5min, there’s big temple, Higashi Honganji/東本願寺.

The west, Nishi Hongan-ji/西本願寺 is located at Horikawa Shichijo/堀川七条. The origin is Nishi Hongan-ji which was build by Toyotomi Hideyoshi/豊臣秀吉,and to make the difference, those Hongan-ji named as Higashi(East) and Nishi(West).
It can be say that Higashi Hongan-ji was build by Tokugawa Ieyasu/徳川家康 because he was afraid to be attacked by monks who supported Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Hongan-ji had been separated with 2 groups and he used this situation to protect and keep his position of Shogun after The Toyotomis ruined.

Higashi Honganji
阿弥陀堂門/Amidado mon(gate)
Higahi Hongan-ji
Inside of Mikagedo

Higahi Hongan-ji
御影堂門/Mikagedo mon(gate)
Higasji Honganji
with dragon!


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Go to the north and left side of Kyoto Imperial Palace, cute and nice doughnuts shop there. All doughnuts made by natural yeast and germinated brown rice. The dough is chewy and soft! Of cource, yummy!