Miz Exploring Kyoto : Imamiya Shrine & Aburi Mochi of Ichiwa next to the Shrine

Near from Daitokuji Temple, Imamiya Shrine/今宮神社 stands along mountain. The history can go back over 1000 years ago. The space is kind of big, the view of entrance make me calm down with atmosphere. The shrine’s festival is based on reposing of souls.(Some shrines are same,too) People thought souls which people died accidentally would be vengeful ghosts and brought curses.

During Onin War, the shrine was also destroyed, but Toyotomi Hideyoshi/豊臣秀吉 (Shogun)  recovered. And later, Keishouin/桂昌院 (wife of Shogun) help this shrine,too.

Honsya-main building


Eki shrine

the stone which has strange power

 After knocking 3 times,hold the stone, stroking 3 times with praying and hold one more, if you feel lighter than before stroking, the praying will be come true ?!  

Kyoto Foodie


Aburi Mochi

Aburi mochi of Ichiwa

Ichiwa makes Aburi-mochi the way of Imamiya Shrine. It has been from Heian period, so, continues over 1000 years! Mochi with Kinako powder grilled by charcoal and put on white miso sauce. Delicious. I ate 2 plates!