Miz Exploring Kyoto : Kasagake Shinji at Kamigamo Shrine & Great galette of Creperie Garcon

Kasagake/笠懸 is held on 18th Oct, on Kamigamo Shrine/上賀茂神社 today.

That event is for Shinto ritual from 1214. It’s revived again 10 years ago.
Kasagake is Japanese traditional ritual of Mounted Archery. Compering with Yabusame/流鏑馬, Kasagake is more practical. It’s possible to watch Kasagake on here, „Dousun Matsuri“ in Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture or „Himawari no Hanabatake Matsuri“ in Midori-shi, Gunma Prefecture.

The horsemen and horsewomen aim to the targets of board with running their houses. The targets are getting smaller after all of them finish. And some of them who got many targets than others try more these difficult targets.

very warm day!
Kasageke Shinji
Coming riders and horses

Kasageke Shinji

Kasageke Shinji
Aiming the target
Kasageke Shinji
waiting for the next turn



Kyoto Foodie

・Creperie Garcon

During the way of Higashi Oji Dori(Street), there’s the cute shop in front of Yasaka Dori. Soo crispy and juicy galette they produce, everything is great! Crepe is also awesome !