Before Sakura season coming, Ume blooms around February to end of March. Kitano Tenmangu Shrine/北野天満宮 is one of the good spot to watch Ume. „Tenmangu/天満宮“ means that the shrines enshrine Sugawara no Michizane/菅原道真. He is called as God of study, so, a lot of students visit here to pray. He loved Ume so much and composed the poem about Ume(„東風吹かばにほひおこせよ梅の花 主なしとて春を忘るな/If the wind blows from East, Blossom of Ume, Bring to me the smell, Do not forget Spring,however I’m not there.“), the emblem of Tenmangu is Ume and there’re many Ume trees in Tenmangu in Japan.

Ume and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine


Kitano tenmangu 2015 #1
The entrance


Kitano Tenmangu 2015 #2
Ume welcome us




Kitano Tenmangu 2015 #3


Many cow figures in the shrine


Kitano Tenmangu 2015  #4


Baien at Kitano Tenmangu
At Bai-en /梅苑


Kyoto Foodie

・粟餅所 澤屋/ Awa-mochi Dokoro Sawaya

„Awa-mochi/粟餅(Millet mochi)“


Awa which is the grain, used to be eaten popular in ancient Japan.  It’s first time to taste Awa-mochi, the taste is so mild and the texture is so smooth.  It’s so natural and artless elegance. Nomnom.