Miz Exploring Kyoto : Kobo-ichi at To-ji Temple & Gion Pudding

To-ji/東寺 is located at south area of Kyoto starion. Kobo-Ichi/弘法市 is held at here on every 21st of month,there’re many stalls. You can buy used Kimono, Bonsai, antiques, sweets..etc. The beginning of Kobo-ichi was only a tea shop for people visiting To-ji to pray. It’s over 700 years ago. The name of Kobo-ichi came from Kobo Daishi. Kobo-Daishi (Kukai) is the name of the founder of Shingon buddhism. And March 21st is the day of death of Kobo-Daishi, so that’s why Kobo-ichi is held on 21st.

Toji Temple's Kobo-ichi
Kobo ichi


With Goju no Tou


Toji Temple's Kobo-ichi


Toji Temple's Kobo-ichi
I wanted to try Kingyo-sukui(Goldfish scooping)…

Kyoto Foodie


„Gion Purin/祇園ぷりん“

Gion Pudding
Caramel pudding


In Kyoto, I heard the information that there’re a lot of pudding ! At first, I had Gion Purin! It’s so creamy and mild rich taste!! I hope to try another taste.. ! Nomnom.