Miz Exploring Kyoto : Konkaikomyo-ji & Tasty cafe meal at “& noma cafe”

KonkaiKomyo-ji/金戒光明寺 is one of the biggest Jo-do shu temple in Kyoto, the site is also huge along mountain area. The reasons of location etc, this temple was used for the base of guard of Kyoto in Edo period by Tokugawa Bakuhu/徳川幕府 because the end of Edo period, crimes like murder and robbing had been spread in Kyoto. At the base, Shinsengumi/新撰組 was there as solders of Aizu Clan/会津藩 couldn’t save enough. The solders of Aizu Han tombs can be visited.

sanju no Tou

Konkaikomyo-ji Afro Budda
meet afro buddha

“Afro” buddha is famous about the hair style! The actual name is “Gokosyui Amidabutsu/五劫思惟阿弥陀仏”. After he thought deeply and trained long time, his hair grew up very long. So that’s why he has Afro hair.

Konkaikomyo-ji Takeuchi Seiho's tomb
Takeuchi Seiho’s tomb

Takeuchi Seiho/竹内栖鳳 is the one of famous modern Japanese painter from Kyoto. The animals in his painting are so vivid and livery, Of course, very cute and strong.

I really love his works.

Madaraneko by Takeuchi Seiho.jpg
Madaraneko by Takeuchi Seiho” by 竹内栖鳳(たけうちせいほう)[1]. Licensed under パブリック・ドメイン via ウィキメディア・コモンズ.

秋興 竹内栖鳳.jpg
秋興 竹内栖鳳” by 竹内栖鳳 – 図録『京都画檀の巨匠 竹内栖鳳展』朝日新聞社 平成2年. Licensed under パブリック・ドメイン via ウィキメディア・コモンズ.



Kyoto Foodie

&noma Cafe

& noma cafe meal

This cafe is located at nice area, Okazaki. Near from Kyoto National Modern Museum. The foods and interior are based on Northern Europe cuisine. Foods are all fresh ,nice and delicious.