Miz Exploring Kyoto : Merry Christmas & Having Stollen of „Le Petit Mec“

Sorry for being late to „Merry Christmas“. It’s very fast to pass many moments this year after moving Kyoto!
Of course you know, it’s completely different not sightseeing but living here. Personally, I hope more people will visit Kyoto than Tokyo and the environment is getting better and better for welcoming tourists,workers and much people. The Dialect is also different from Tokyo. Kyoto people speaks Kyoto-Ben(Kyoto Dialect), I can hear that as fresh yet and interesting very much. I hope to speak fluently someday.. hehe Still a lot of things to do are waiting. Maybe that is good 🙂

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Digging Kyoto 2015

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Kyoto Foodie

・Le Petit Mec

I had the stollen of this bakery, „Le Petit Mec“. Le Petit Mec is one of the best bakery in Kyoto and Tokyo.(From Kyoto and open shops in Tokyo.) Mainly, French style breads are sold, and all of them are very nice!
In Christmas season, many Japanese bakery sell „Stollen“. I tried to have Le petit Mec’s one!
That’s delicious and so balanced, I enjoyed this one!