Miz Exploring Kyoto : Nishi Hongan-ji & My favorite “Cafe nido”

Ume season coming in Kyoto! Still freezing now… Sometimes it snowed a little bit. When I visited Nishi Hongan-ji(西本願寺), it began to snow!

Nishi Hongan-ji is related on Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the way is straight from Toyokuni’s tomb ! From east to west. But it’s told Tokugawa Ieyasu divided the way of Toyotomi, to prevent, he sprited Hongan-ji Buddhism group to Nishi Hongan-ji and Higashi Hongan-ji.(The origin is Nishi hongan-ji) The Karamon, it is the gate which decorated finely, is from Fushimi Jo(castle).

Nishi Hongan-ji

Ichou in Nishi Hongan-ji
Dai Icho(Big Gingko) Autumn time is the best to see..

He holds very heavy stone with his brothers in front of Mikage-Do of Nishi-Hongan-Ji ! Respect #mizumushikun #kyoto #temple #nishihonganji #honganji #japan #japaneseart #stone #scripture #character
The man keeps to hold heavy stone in front of Mikage-do!


Kyoto Foodie

・Cafe Nido

Near from Tofukuji station and along JR rail lines, Good Italian foodie spot is there! The atmosphere is nice and natural, every food is reasonable and tasty! This time, I had the lasagne 🙂