Miz Exploring Kyoto : Refresh with nature in Kamigamo Shrine & Experience of Noryo-Yuka at Thai restaurant

On May 15, it’s held one of the most traditional festival in Kyoto, Aoi Matsuri /葵祭, Which has been from the Heian period. People who are wearing traditional clothes walk from Heian Shimogamo Shrine to Kamigamo Shrine with making line and taking Gyu-Sha /牛車.
(Before the festival, as the former did Yabusame event.)
I hope to see this, but I could not have Time for this Because I Got Cold! OMG
Later, I visited to Kamigamo Shrine!
Kamigamo Shrine has the building from Heian style! I found many small shrines w hich manykinds of gods were Enshrined in there, but I saw God in nature between these!

Aoi Matsuri.jpg
Aoi Matsuri“ by JapanexperternaOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Kamigamo Shrine
Kamigamo Shrine entrance
Kamigamo Shrine
Hoso-den/細殿 & Tate-zuna/立砂
Kamigamo Shrine
In front of the  holy stone at Kamigamo Shrine ! #mizumushikun #kyoto #kamigamoshrine #kamigamo #nature #greens #wild #heian #japan #japanese #architecture #may #summer #shine #alien
In front of holy stone
Kamigamo Shrine

Kyoto Foodie

・Baan Rim Naam
„Green Curry lunch set“ (On Noryo-Yuka)

Noryo-yuka at Thai restaurant

Green curry lunch set ? #mizumushikun #lunch #greencurry #thaicuisine #restaurant #yummy #foodie #ethnic #kyoto #thai

Try to taste Thai cuisine in Gion area! From the restaurant you can experience Noryo-Yuka,which is located at outside and faces Kamo River. I think it is reasonable if you want to have something on Noryo-Yuka!
I wanted to have more spicy and flavorous curry!