Shoren-In/青蓮院 is the temple of Tiantai(Buddhism) at Higashiyama,Kyoto. This temple is the one of Five Monzeki-Jiin/門跡寺院,which abbots are by royalty. The founder is Saicho/最澄. Shoren-In has the long history, but the most of the buildings were burned and re-built. However, there’re huge camphor trees from 12C.
You may be attracted by them at first when you visit Shoren-In. And there’re some garden, one of them is from Muromachi-Period/室町時代. The creator was known as Souami/相阿弥,who was the painter,judge and Renga-shi(poet) in Muromachi-period.

Shore-In 3
The entrance of Shoren-in


Shoren-In 5


Shoren-In 2
宸殿前庭/ the front garden of Shin-den




Shoren-In 6
Garden of Soami


Shoren-In 4
In the Shin-den


Shoren-In greens
camphor tree


Kyoto Foodie





Shouro/松露 is one of traditional Kyoto sweets, it is made by Koshi-An(strained Azuki bean jam) and Suri-Mitsu/すり蜜(Suri-Mitsu is made by boiling down sugar and water).

This shouro is very elegant and tastes great.

Many Wagashi(Japanese sweets) shops make that, so I’ll try to taste more!