Miz Exploring Kyoto : To watch OmuroZakura & Tasting Kuzukiri

The last time visiting Ninna-Ji, it was good, but I couldn’t watch OmuroZakura/御室桜 because blossoms didn’t bloom.. So, this time,I try to see it again! However, recently Kyoto’s weather is continuing rainy days. Who cares ! I get on the bus to Ninna-ji ! I took a nap during the way, that’s good.
To watch it costs ¥500/an adult, and after paying that, people can go inside.
OmuroZakura’s Sakura is about to end to bloom. A lot of people in here though it rains.

Ninnaji - Omurozakura
Rainy day


Ninnaji - Omurozakura
From OmuroZakura to Goju no Tou


Ninnaji - Omurozakura
leaves start to glow


Ninnaji - Omurozakura
New season coming


Kyoto Foodie



Kuzukiri/葛切り : Kuzukuri is the food made by Kuzu and formed like noodle. Eating with Mitsu/蜜(Sweet sauce)! The texture is so smooth and elegant! Nomnom. #mizumushikun #kyoto #kuzukiri #sweets #japanese #japanesefood #wagashi #cool #food #foodie #elegant


Visiting again Kagizen Yoshihusa ,too! It is definitely for summer sweets! Elegant and smooth texture with ice and Mitsu/蜜(syrup).