Miz Exploring Kyoto : Toyokuni Shrine & Vivid Chocolate at Bison Fute

Toyokuni Shrine/豊国神社 enshrines „Toyotomi Hideyoshi/豊臣秀吉“,who was „Tenka Bito/天下人“, ruled over the country.(He was only person that ruled all places in Japan)

Once the shrine nearly ruined during „Tokugawa Ieyasu/徳川家康“ controlled Japan after Toyotomi clan was destroyed. The time passed from Aduchi-momo period to Meiji period, Meiji Emperor rewarded Toyotomi Hideyoshi and restore this shrine.
Karamon/唐門(the gate) was brought from Fushimi castle originally, and was placed at Nanzenji temple at once.
Not only this shrine, but also some „Toyokuni Shrine“ exists in Japan.

Temizuya(To clean hands and mouth)

Over Karamon
Karamon’s decolation


Kyoto Foodie

・Bison Fute

bison fute
chocolate with crunch

Near from Kyoto station, nice sweets shop is located. It opens from 12:00pm to 22:00pm, you can have cakes and sweets with drink includes alcohol in the shop. Sweets are so powerful, vivid  and  have some wildness!  The shop is brunch shop of „CHIEMIND’INFINIT“ in Kumamoto Prefecture.