Miz Exploring Kyoto : Tried to visit Hiei mountain area & Having elegant Kyoto Udon, Okakita

We tried to go up Kamo-river because it’s good sunny day like summer. From Shijo, it takes only 1 hour to arrive at foot of Hiei mountain. During this way, the nature of Kamo-river make us fun! Kamo-river is really beautiful, meet fishes and birds. Earthlings are also relax along the river.
On the mountain side, temples and shrines exists. It’s good to see because far from the central area, but it doesn’t take much time to come. We found really amazing temple, Rengeji-temple/蓮華寺. Very quiet and nature is so deep.

Rengeji-temple and foot of hiei mountain
Rengeji-temple and foot of hiei mountain
The foot of Hiei mountain

Kyoto Foodie


“天ぷらけいらんうどん/Tempura Keiran Udon”


“親子なんば/Oyako Nanba”

okakita's tamago udon


Okakita is the Kyoto-Udon restaurant in Okazaki ,Kyoto.  The recommendation is Egg-covered Udon, which has some varieties! So elegant yummy ! I’ll visit again!