Miz Exploring Kyoto : Tsurugi Shrine & Elegant sweets at Lotus

Out the way of main road, small beautiful shrine stands in residential area. It’s Tsurugi Shrine/剣神社, which is located at Imagumano, Kyoto.

The shrine is called as having energy for curing „Kan/疳“ that is thought as children’s convulsion or anxious in Japan. And Kan is also believed the cause of worm. From long years ago, this shrine has been worshiped by this good luck for children. The history is not unsure about the shrine. But there is a story, sword buried for building the shrine to protect capital when capital moved to Heian-Kyo/平安京. For the reason, the shrine was named as „Tsurugi(sword) Jinja(shrine)“.

Tsurugi shrine
The entrance
Tsurugi shrine
Temizu sha

Tsurugi shrine
The holy stone – believed it can cure disease if you touch
Tsurugi Shrine

Tsurugi shrine
This is Toribenoryo/鳥戸野陵 which is tombs of Emperors near from Tsurugi Shrine

Kyoto Foodie

・Lotus Yogashi shop /ロトス洋菓子店

The sweets shop is also located at residential area near Gojo street, Kyoto.
Their cakes are very fine and can be called nice Japanese „Yogashi(Western sweets)“!