Miz Exploring Kyoto : Visiting Saga/嵯峨 area & Having yum historical sweets at „Hiranoya“

It is second time to visit Saga/嵯峨,which is located at North-West side of Kyoto.

Saga has the historical places very much. At the old time, it was like the resort for nobility and they lived this place. I walked around historical area this time from Saga-Arashiyama station!
It’s on the foot of Atago mountain/愛宕山, and there’s Atago Shrine/愛宕神社,that is told as having the luck of preventing fire, on top of the mountain. I hope to go there, but it takes 2 hours by walking… I’m going to visit again with enough preparing to go to the mountain!

coloured leaves season now
The foot of mountain

Toriimoto hachiman gu
Toriimoto hachiman gu shrine, near mountain area



Kyoto Foodie


Warming with AMAZAKE. Got the energy!! #mizumushikun #kyoto #exploring #foodie #yummy #drink #japan #japanese #delicious #warm

Shinko & Matcha

Hiranoya is the Japanese restaurant that has long history in Saga. They produce Ayu/鮎(fish) cusine and Shinko/志んこ, which is Dango sweets made by rice powder mainly.

We ordered Shinko and Amazake, They gave strong energy and so delicious !

Power food to climb the mountain!