Miz Exploring Kyoto : Walking around Ishibei-Koji

Ishibei-Koji/石塀小路 is the alley which is the paved road from Taisho period. The path was used to the rail way in the city.

In the past, the Ishibei-Koji area was the garden of Enkotoku-in/圓徳院 and was built with a wall to separate space.  (These area’s architectures often have good gardens.)
The location is near Kodai-ji and has a very good atmosphere because it remains the traditional Kyoto culture. The area is one of the most favorite of mine! Kyoto-city preserves the townscape around Gion area includes here.
Ryokan, cafe, and personal houses etc.., face Ishibe-Koji, so the area is calm and tourists must be quiet, too. (Some troubles seem to happen between the residents and visitors.)
Ishibei-Koji was the popular spot for taking the movie or drama in Japan, too.


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