Miz Visiting Osaka : Experience of Takoyaki & Rich yummy bread of „Panduce“

Once I’ve visited Osaka to find used electricity stuff, around Nanba/なんば area. To go to Osaka from Kyoto, 3 lines there by each 3 train companies, which are JR line, Hamkyu line, and Keihan Line. I took a train from Kawaramachi station to Umeda staion(Osaka) by Hankyu line. It took almost 40 mins.
I felt like Shijuku station in Tokyo when I arrived at Umeda station, many people across.
To see a lot of things in Osaka, it seems subway is useful. By walking is kind of tough…
Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki shops stands a lot, so it needs to search at first to try them!

Hankyu Umeda
The department store, Hankyu Umeda


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Osaka Foodie


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Osaka gourmet is not only Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Panduce is one of the great bakeries I’ve ever had! The shop in business area of Osaka.