Miz Exploring Kyoto : Around Kodai-ji & Warabi-mochi

    Kodai-ji(高台寺) is located at Higashiyama(東山), Kyoto. It’s around Gion(祇園) ,that area includes very good places to see and eat something.  You can see  a lot of things with walking.

    To explain about Kodai-ji, it was built for praying the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi(豊臣秀吉), who was the former samurai between Sengoku period(戦国時代) and Aduchi-Momoyama period(安土桃山時代). The founder of this temple is Nene(ねね),who was the wife of Toyotomi. After the death of Tyotomi and marriage of Senhime(千姫), she became a priest and built Kodai-ji.

    nene no michi
    Nene no Michi (ねねの道) /Road of Nene

    Going straightly this road, you can arrive at Kodai-ji.

    nene no michi 2
    Nene no Michi



    After finishing to walk stairs, the building appears.

    Kodaiji 1

    To enter the inside of Kodai-ji, you must buy the ticket at the reception in here.(It costs ¥600/per an adult(at Kodai-Ji and museum) .If you choose the ticket for watching Kodai-ji ,museum and Entokuin, it costs ¥900/per an adult).(Website : http://www.kodaiji.com/e_index.html)

    Because of time, I see Kodai-Ji and museum only this time. But I’m going to visit Entokuin,too 🙂

    Kodaiji 2
    Entering the inside of Kodai-ji
    Kodaiji 3


    garden in front of main hall


    Kodaiji 4


    It is possible to watch the inside of some halls,but it isn’t allowed to take photos.

    Kodaiji 6
    Bamboo thicket

    During walking down from the top, there’s bamboo thicket.

    Kodaiji 5
    locating around mountain


    Kangetsu-dai and Kaisan-do
    Kangetsu-dai and Kaisan-do(観月台と開山堂)


    I recommend to eat delicious Warabi-mochi store near from here if you feel to be relax after walking.



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    I took out this, the next time I’ll enjoy sweets in here 😀



    There’s beautiful garden and varicoloured carps ! You can check it out more Kodaiji Rakusho – TripAdvisor
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    So softy and elegant Warabi-mochi..:)