Miz Exploring Kyoto : Greens in Kyoto Imperial Palace & Kyoto Sundae at Baskin-Robbins

    Kyoto Imperial Palace(京都御所/Kyoto Gosho) is the place for royal in Japan. Before 14c, emperors lived here and did the events.

    To visit the inside of Kyoto imperial palace, normally the reservation is needed but only in term of spring and autumn , people can go without reservation. The place is so big I feel with sunlight of May. It seems people relax in there. Just go around Kyoto Imperial Palace, it’ll be good exercise! It’s also worth visit here to see greens.

    Kyoto imperial palace
    Maybe it is North entrance
    Kyoto Imperial Palace
    Big road
    Kyoto Imperial Palace
    a lot of pine trees
    Kyoto Imperial Palace
    Kyoto Imperial palace
    To visit inside, need the reservation
    Kyoto imperial palace
    Japanese maple(紅葉/Momiji)
    Bask in the sun at Kyoto Gyoen #mizumushikun #kyoto #sunny #green #nature #rest #relax #flower #spring #alien #art #photoshopexpress
    Bask in the sun

    Kyoto Foodie

    ・Thirty One Icecream/サーティワンアイスクリーム (Baskin Robbins)

    „Kyoto Sundae/京サンデー“

    Kyoto sundae

    Baskin Robbins,which is ice cream chain shop from America, is called as „Thirty One Icecream“ in Japan, and is popular,too. Only Kyoto Kawara-machi shop sells „Kyoto Sundae“, the topping is include Macha cake, Warabi-mochi, Shiratama,Azuki bean jam, cream and Kuro-mitsu! You can choose any icecrem for that, the recommendation is Matcha icecream!