Miz Exploring Kyoto : View from Tofuku-ji Temple’s bridge & Taste rich dashi soup Soba at Misokaan Kawamichiya

    Tofuku-ji Temple has the one of the biggest Garan(the buildings in Temple) in Japan. In fact,I nearly lost my way in the temple! Really so big buildings stand from 13c. Tofuku-ji is the temple of Zen (Rinzai school). To visit the bridge, Tsuten-bashi/通天橋, it cost fee(Adult for ¥400). From the view of bridge, the field of forests spreads on the eyes.
    This time, I could go only Tsuuten-bashi, but still this is part of Tofuku-ji..! I’ll go again to see all!

    Tofukuji Tsuutenbashi
    Tsuuten bashi/通天橋
    green forest

    Tofukuji tsutenbashi
    On Tsuuten bashi
    From the view of Tsuutenbashi

    Kyoto Foodie

    晦庵河道屋/Misokaan Kawamichiya

    Kamo Nanba/鴨なんば


    This Soba noodle restaurant has been opened from Edo period. And well known as the Soba restaurant Steve Jobs visited and love. This Dashi soup is really awesome and rich taste! The building is also good.