Mamoru Miyano: »I would pursue to sing songs that no one else can do but me.«

He is one of the most populare voice actors (Seiyu) in Japan and reached a lot of musical successes: Mamoru Miyano. His voice is well-known by Anime characteres like Light Yagami (Death Note), Jean aka JJ (Yuri!!! on Ice), Rin Matsuoka (Free!) or Prince Demand (Sailor Moon Crystal). Sumikai got the exclusive opportunity to talk with him about his music career.

Sumikai: First of all, as a German magazine we would like to know, what comes in your mind when you hear about „Germany“?

Miyano: Soccer, beer and sausage…there’re so many things about Germany coming up from my mind.

I’ve never been to Germany, but I’m so interested in the country as I love soccer and beer.

Sumikai: Did you already know that you inspire lot of anime and music fans in Germany or Europe? How does that feel?

Miyano: It’s really nice to hear so. I know there are Japanese manga and anime fans around the world. I’m so happy that people in Europe love Japanese anime and they also support me.

Sumikai: In Japan you are not only a successful voice actor but also a popular singer. What inspired you to become a singer? Did you have a role model, for example? Also, is it a challenge for you to be both a voice actor and singer?

Miyano: A voice actor has many chances to sing songs, so I got a chance to debut as a singer through working as a voice actor. Because I was so into singing since I was a child, and I also took singing lesson, I happily challenged this opportunity to work as a singer too.

Sumikai: A characteristic of your songs is that you convey many emotions with your multi-skilled voice. That fits your latest songs The Birth and Tempest too. How would you describe your music in your own words and on what are you putting a high value at singing?

Miyano: Thank you for your comment. I want to draw on my experiences that I leant when I was a actor. I would pursue to make songs that I can sing as an actor, and I would pursue to sing songs that no one else can do but me.

Sumikai: Meanwhile over 8 years are gone since you debuted with Discovery in June 2008. If you compare your earlier music with the latest music, how did it develop further?

In fact I had no idea how a song is produced when I debuted because all I could focus on was singing at that time. However, in these 8 years, I could learn more knowledge and tried various types of music such as rock, jazz, hip hop and R&B. I am now able to tell my idea clearly during song production. I’d continue to expand the way of expression.

Sumikai: You sing a lot of theme songs of anime and games that you play. What do you pay attention to during the production of such songs?

Miyano: During the production of anime and game songs, I always try to put feelings of characters which I play, and I try to put my thoughts that I gained from these anime and game in order to express the ideas of them. I believe this is my own unique ability that I have as an actor.

Sumikai: You also have many concerts. What is the important thing for you on creating your live concerts?

Miyano: I want to create an entertainment that all of the audience fully enjoy until a concert ends regardless of their gender and age.

The important thing is to be a center of a project, to pay attention to every detail and to bring my own ideas.

Sumikai: Meanwhile Europe attracts a lot of Japanese artists. Can you imagine to give concerts or to publish your music in Germany?

Miyano: I’d love to perform in Germany if I have a chance! Supports from many countries encourage me a lot everytime, so I hope I can visit these countries, where my fans live and send cheer me up, and I perform for them. That would be really fun. So I’d work hard and expand the range of my activities. It’ll be fantastic if I visit Germany and sing songs in German…I’ll keep working hard!

Sumikai: Last but not least, would you like to point a few words to the German audience which enjoy your music and anime roles?

Miyano: I’m so pleased to have this interview. I’m so happy that my every effort and step are piling up and reaching people around the world, and many people are now supporting me. Such supports make me more confident.

I’ll keep working hard so I can reach people as many as possible.

And thank you very much for your support from Germany!

Sumikai: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions.


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